Thursday, July 26, 2007

Video of "Connecting the Disconnected"

Carol Bean recently posted links to her presentation at the American Library Association pre-conference workshop on Libraries, Older Adults and Technology. These video clips show the challenges which older adults face when learning new technology terms and how to use new technology. Her points include:

    • Old word associations make it harder for older adults to learn technology terms, such as icon, button, and menu.
    • Older adults may have more difficulty in maintaining concentration.
    • Visual problems and hearing difficulties are additional challenges.
We are so used to the technical terms and the user interface for computers, that it is often hard to remember what it was like to be a novice user. This presentation is especially helpful because it simulates the experiences of older adults, so that one can empathize with the challenges that they face. Then, we can take this information into account when teaching older adults.

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1 comment:

Carol Bean said...

Thanks for posting this, Isabelle.

There is so much older adults are up against (and also so much to draw upon!), but you've put it in a nutshell!