Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My new job!

I am happy to announce that I have just started as a full time Librarian in the Pasco County Library System. I graduated last April with an M.S. in Library and Information Studies from Florida State University and had been working as a part-time reference Librarian in Hillsborough County. I will miss my friends in Hillsborough, but I am very excited about my new position. I may be posting to this blog less than usual for a few weeks, as I adapt to my long commute and new job.

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Carol Bean said...

Congratulations, Isabelle!

SproutACW said...

Hi, I work at an Adult Day Care in NC, and I just came across your blog.
The participants love to listen to stories, but I have a hard time finding mature literature that is short enough for their attention spans. We are currently reading Everyday Wisdom by the Delany Sisters and they love it. It's broken into short passages, and there's lots of opportunities for conversation while reading it.
Do you know any book lists, or do you have any suggestions of other books they might enjoy.

Allan M. Kleiman said...

Hi Isabelle--

Congrats on your new job. Maybe we'll all get to finally meet you in person at an ALA or State Library Conference.

I hope that you find enough time to work on the blog. Those of us working on new projects have found your comments and resources very helpful.

Best regards,
(Allan M. Kleiman)

Kay Wood said...

Congratulations! But why didn't you apply for the job in Virginia Beach?

Isabelle Fetherston said...

Thanks for your support, Carol and Allan! I have been very busy lately. I hope to be back up to speed in a couple of weeks. This Friday I will be helping out with an all night teen lock-in at the regional library. So, I will probably be catching up with the blog the following weekend. I do hope to get to an ALA meeting in the future. It would be great to meet you all there.

Isabelle Fetherston said...

Sproutacw, here are some possible books for the adult day care:

"James Herriot's Animal Stories" by James Herriot

-anything by Erma Bombeck

The Red Hat Society's Laugh Lines: Stories of Inspiration and Hattitude by Sue Ellen Cooper

"Full Moon - reflections on turning 50" by Susan Carol Hauser

Isabelle Fetherston said...

Kay, I was looking for jobs near where my parents live in Florida. I did not look outside the state. I am very pleased with my new position and hope to try some of the senior programming ideas that I have written about in this blog.